You're fleeting most treasured moments that happen in the blink of an eye are forever captured.


Marina and Matteo

“First off I’m going to say that 5 stars isn’t even close to enough of how many stars I would like to give. Erika, you are INCREDIBLE! Every single one of my photos is absolutely breathtaking and stunning. You made Matteo and I feel so comfortable during the whole entire engagement shoot. The talent you have is unreal and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else to capture all those precious moments for us. Thank you a million times! I am so happy with my photos!!”

01 / 07

How EAP started...

A guidance counsellor in grade 11 told me that, if I pursued photography, I would never be successful. At that point, I realized there was nothing else I enjoyed more and was eager to keep excelling in. I would spend most of my summer outings with a disposable camera in hand, photographing adventures and memories with friends and family since I was in grade 4. I was advised by a family friend when I was about 14 years old, to desire to create a business out of what I love and ever since it was in my mind to do so.  

In deciding what to pursue in post-secondary education, I was torn between opinions and my heart. "God would not give you the dream in your heart if He did not give you the talents, abilities, and opportunities to make that dream come true;" was an anonymous quote I came across online, and it allowed me to have faith in the unseen while feeling peace of pursuing my passion of photography.

I began growing my clientele while completing my Bachelor's Degree in Photography, and now 15 years later since my first photo job at 14, my business has been offering stylish and captivating wedding, family, baby, brand and commercial editorial lifestyle photography for businesses and corporations. Video cinematography, drone and brand visual conception for Print & Digital Marketing is offered, with growing partnerships and trained team members in the works. 

I absolutely love the thrill my clients have when they see the images created for them and how it impacts their lives for their personal & business success.